Parks & Nature
We're surrounded! Any way you go from Mary's Guesthouse, you'll run into a park, gameland, recreation area or some type of natural playground. From small county facilities to large state parks, we've got places where you can explore many different types of terrain, flora and fauna, and water-scape. There are many educational opportunities to go along with the natural exploration.

Here's a sampling of what's available:

Boulder Field - National Natural Landmark

Parks/Natural Areas

Lehigh River Gorge (state) 5 minutes away
4,548 acre linear park, 26 miles of river, several access points, rail-trail, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, birding, fishing, hunting, picnicking, programs Apr - Nov

Hickory Run (state) 25 minutes away (570-443-0400)
15,500 acres, Boulder Field Nat'l Natural Landmark, 48 miles mapped hiking trails, streams, lakes, and ponds, swimming and picnic areas, amphitheater, birding, fishing, hunting, programs Mar - Nov

Beltzville Lake (state) 20 minutes away (610-377-0045)
1,500 acres, 8 mile trail loops: hiking, birding, naturalist programs
1,200 acre lake, boating, swimming, beach, fishing

Mauch Chunk Lake (county) 5 minutes away (570-325-3669)
2,300 acres, beach, swimming, picnicking, hiking trails, historic Switchback trail, hunting,
300 acre lake, boating, fishing
Carbon County Environmental Education Center offers exhibits and programs about nature and animals, with live raptor center and walking trail near lake (570-645-8597)

Bear Mountain Butterflies 10 minutes away (570-325-4848)
Not really a park at all, but an indoor butterfly sanctuary and informational exhibit that is
sure to fascinate and delight. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for kids. Open May to October,
Thurs to Sun. Coupons available.

Weiser State Forest - 10 minutes away,
A tract of land set aside by the state as part of their forestry system, this is just nice undeveloped land for exploring. Mild terrain, some landmarks, and some access points. Bring a compass and keep track of where you've been.

Pohopoco Recreation Area - 30 minutes away
State lands with lots of ATV trails, decent for mountain biking and some hiking. Some nice spots, especially the fire-tower, which affords quite a view of the Western Pocono topography.

State Game Lands 40, 129, 141, 149, 187
Hunting, of course, but also hiking, foliage, bird-watching, etc…: just be aware of the current hunting seasons!

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