Options, options… that's the name of the game for all of us who like to feel the ground under our feet. Within a short drive of Mary's Guesthouse you or your group can find many hikes of varying levels on varying terrain - for some you can hike right from the house! Some of the easier trails have the best scenery, but the challenging ones offer their own rewards. Whether it's a self-guided hike, with a park ranger or naturalist, or part of a historical tour, afoot is the best way to experience everything around us in nature. Have fun, we'll leave the light on for you…

· Guided hiking trips for all skill levels, with JTX

A Selection of local Hikes
Lehigh River Gorge Trail, (26 miles, flat rail-trail) 5 minutes away
Any distance you want (out-n-back) or arrange a shuttle for a longer one-way. Great scenery, especially foliage, plus the river is right next to you the whole way!
Glen Onoko waterfall Trail, 5 minutes away (steep!)
Worth the effort for skilled hikers, this hike even takes a bit of rock-scrambling. But what a treat at the top!
Switchback Gravity Railroad, (9 miles +options, scenic overlook)
5 minutes away (walk to it!)
A great walk through history, with some nice scenery and a lake adding to the experience. Lots of options for length and ability.
Hickory Run SP (48 miles marked trails, Boulder Field), 25 minutes away
Wonderful network of well-marked and mapped trails that take you to some great spots. Because it's so nice, this is one of the destinations for our guided hike series. Waterfalls, Lehigh River vistas and the famous Boulder Field are highlights. Check with the park for Ranger and Naturalist programs (570-443-0400).
Appalachian Trail (Maine to Georgia), 25 minutes away
Not too far to one of the most famous trails anywhere. Several sections can be day-hiked with Mary's as a base, assuming car shuttles are set up. Mostly rocky and rooty, this trail is for advanced hikers, since the only access points are drop-off and pick-up.
Lehigh Canal Towpath - Weissport area, (4 miles, mostly flat) 10 minutes away
Across the river from town and going South, this is a nice section of canal towpath that features pretty river views, plus a full canal for quite a stretch, and some nice rock wall scenery.
Pohopoco Recreation Area, 30 minutes away
State lands with mostly ATV trails, but a few for walking. Not overly amazing, but some nice spots, especially at the fire-tower, which affords quite a view.
Beltzville SP, (8 miles marked trails, some lakeside), 20 minutes away
Nice lakeside trails and many gentle slopes around a huge lake. Many naturalist-hike opportunities, as well as fishing, swimming and more.
State Game Lands 141, (11 miles marked trails, scenic overlooks) 10 minutes away
Up on the Broad Mountain, this is more well-known for mountain biking, but is a good hiking trail too. The 'Loop' is 11 miles, so it's formidable, but the views at the overlooks are just outstanding and worth the effort for those in good shape. Otherwise, walk as much of it as you want in an out-n-back. Other trails are (technically) closed for re-vegetation, and those will eventually offer a more wild experience.