Room Details
· Room 2 is the main bedroom
on the second floor, and has
a queen bed plus a set of
bunk beds for a capacity of
4 people, and it has a full
bathroom attached (stand-up shower).

Bathroom inside room 2: sink, toilet, stand up shower, and Yes, that is a urinal

· Room 3 is located on the third
floor toward the back of
the house (nice and quiet!),
and has one double bed and
can fit up to two adults.
This room shares a bath,
which is located on the second floor.

· Room 4 is a large, flexible room
located on the third floor,
and contains 4 single beds,
so it holds 1 - 4 people,
and shares a bath which is
located on the second floor.
If arranged in advance,
two singles can be put together
and dressed as a ‘king’ bed.

Hall Bathroom with shower, toilet, sink & mirror.

· The Spare Room (aka Room 1) is a tiny extra room located
on the second floor, with a
single bed on the floor,
plus a loft bed above,
and can fit up to 1 adult or 1-2 kids
(loft bed for lightweight folks only!).
Great for the person who
likes privacy… or who snores!
If not being used as a sleeping room,
there is a sink/mirror
in here for use by everyone.

· ·