What to Expect
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Mary's Guesthouse is fully-equipped with nice, solid (and comfy) furnishings and appliances, and has just about everything you should need during a visit. That said, the Guesthouse was created in the motto ‘function over form’ – so it’s not fancy or overdone. There aren’t a lot of antiques or trinkets; the furnishings and fixtures have accommodated to thousands of guests over the past 10 years, so it’s definitely ‘lived in’ and you should expect that level of comfort (see pictures throughout the site). It’s homey, not swanky.

What's Here:
- Living Room with comfortable furniture and a piano

- Dining Room with 2 tables, seats up to 11

- Kitchen with stove/oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, coffee maker, toaster, pots & pans, utensils, dishware, silverware

- Two large bedrooms (#2 & #4), one small bedroom (#3), plus a spare room (#1) with bedding and extra blankets.

- Two full bathrooms: both on 2nd floor - one in Room #2; one in the hall. Baths have a hand-towel and hand soap, plus toilet tissue…that’s it (see below)

- Lots of books & magazines, plus some games

- Non-smoking interior (the smoking area is out back…)

- TV with DVD player can be supplied (There is NO cable – we hope that guests can ‘unplug’ while here, and enjoy each other instead of TV.)

- Stairs, two sets in the house and lots throughout town (not handicapped-accessible)

What to Bring:
- Toiletries/personals - soap, shampoo, etc

- Bath Towels for each person (bring 2 if you're rafting)

- Food and drink, napkins/paper towels (ie consumables)

- Slippers to wear inside (Shoes stay on the mat by the door)

- Cash or check for the balance of charges due.

- Computer w/movies, or bring DVDs if you need a TV fix

- Games for your group to play (we have a few)

Other Notes:
- we are family-friendly, but parents are responsible for anything done on the property by their children - if your kids are destructive, do NOT bring them here

- we promote conservation and recycling: the energy efficient features may give you some ideas

- for Cooling the house in summer, we rarely use A/C: there are ceiling fans and window fans and floor fans, plus the mountain (that the house is built-into) keeps it cool. If forecast is for 90* or more, an AC will be available.

- we ask that you treat the 140-year-old home with care; this is NOT a party house, and kids must behave (no bed-jumping, tramping up-n-down steps, etc)

- parking : ONE assigned off-street spot for your use – other cars will be on street (no meters or time limits).

* Please note that Carpooling is extremely important: less vehicles = better!